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Dianabol Russian Review

100 tabs 5mg/tab • methandrostenolone metandienone by Akrikhin

Dianabol Russian by Akrikhin

Dianabol for sale is a controlled drug in United States and in many other nations. In spite of this, many sports persons and body builders prefer this steroid a lot. Its reputation encouraged other companies to bring out similar type of steroid. One such version is the Russian Dianabol by the company Akrikhin. This led to the easy access of the drug among athletes and body builders without much hassle. What is Russian Diabanol and how it is different from the ones that had overflowed the market illegally?

Russian Dianabol: An Introduction

With Russian Diabanol, one take avail the steroid legally over the counter in any medical store. The chemical composition of the drug is a bit different from the original Diabanol. This version has 17-alpha methyltestosterone. For this reason experts believe that this version is side-effect free. But this Russian version is known to cause vomiting tendencies, nausea and liver malfunctioning. The Russian Diabanol is famed to make the muscles increase naturally. Its outcome is greater muscle growth, which goes forward to the next stage. Russian Dianabol enhances protein synthesis action in the muscles. Also the drug increases the mass of the muscle immensely if the user uses it in a correct manner. Strength, size and vitality of the muscles immensely increase in a short span of time with the use of Russian Dianabol. Most athletes are contended in taking 2 to 4 pills a day, while some prefer taking 4 to 8 pills daily for better effects.                                                                                                   

Availability of Russian Dianabol

Like many other steroids, Russian Dianabol is greatly available online. But there is minor difference in the packaging. It is mostly available in push-out strip packets having 10 tablets each. The box is colored green and the strips are tied inside with a black rubber band. The box has imprints in black or blue and each tablet weighs 0.005 gm. The Internet is the trustworthiest place to avail this steroid but also there are risks getting of counterfeit and fake ones. So it is important that the purchaser should know what the original Russian Dianabol is, or else any illegitimate provider that flocked the Internet in herds might fool him. Here is a basic question that can always make anyone inquisitive. What is the difference between Russian Dianabol and other illegal ones? The answer is, despite similar outcomes, Russian Dianabol is legal as well as safe for athletes or body builders with nil or almost no side effects.

Anabol 5 Review

1000 tabs 5mg/tab • metandienone by British Dispensary

Anabol 5 by British Dispensary

Anabol has the same composition of Dianabol. Only the manufacturer is different. Anabol, an anabolic steroid for sale online manufactured by the British Dispensary and is made of methandrostenolone. Methandrostenolone is undoubtedly the best product for sports person but it might not be the best one for athletes involved in non-aerobic sports. It increases glycogenolysis, which means glycogen repletion after workout, followed by extreme protein synthesis and enhanced fast regain of strength and energy. However, it may not be very much useful for people involved in aerobic-type sports as it lowers cell respiration.  Methandrostenolone has a distinct working style. It works rapidly and distinctly to build up mass and strength in the user. So it is applied during a commencement of a steroid cycle consisting injectables such as long-term testosterones like nandrolone and esters. The symptoms of such drugs are not visible for first 10 to 15 days. Methandrostenolone is used in this case to provide immediate result. Methandrostenolone is weak in androgenic components and strong in anabolic components.

Users of Dianabol or Anabol need not worry about one thing. Because their effects are for short term, there is no drastic shutting off of production of natural testosterone hormone which might be the case with other androgenic compounds. However, this entirely depends on the dose the user is taking. If he is taking 30+ mg daily, then he is sure to face with mild androgenic symptoms like skin problems such as acne and male patterned baldness. As it gives quick result there is a common notion among its users that “more is better” and hence they use or recommend high dose. But there is no logic behind this idea. It is because while taking high dose if we do urine analysis we can see portions of the unmetabolized compound in the urine. So we see that with high dosage high level of unused methandrostenolone is ejected out of the body. This means if the user takes smaller quantities in multiple doses all throughout the day he can gain better result and can maximize the usefulness of the steroid.

Dianabol-Anabol is a very low amount, usually between 25mg to 40 mg. Anadrol, which is a similar type of steroid like methandrostenolone has better effectiveness but it should be taken in higher amounts like 50-150 mg. If the user takes methandrostenolone in similar dose, he is sure to gain fabulous results. Even methandrostenolone is less poisonous than the progestagenic Anadrol. Even the short half-life of about 3 to 6 hours of methandrostenolone is also a reason of its consumption. So, 3 to 4 doses of methandrostenolone daily is safer and beneficial than 1 or 2 dose of any other strong drug. It has been proved that methandrostenolone is useful in small amounts, more powerful than the steroid testosterone ester and is considered the best mass builder till date.

Anabol 15 Review

500 tabs 15mg/tab • metandienone by British Dispensary

Anabol 15 by British Dispensary

Anabol is British Dispensary brand name for Dianabol. Anabol 15 is 15mg version of Dianabol tablets. Being a testosterone derivative, Dianabol demonstrates strong anabolic properties. When Dianabol was first introduced, it very quickly became the most widely used anabolic steroid. Dianabol also became the most favored in all forms of athletics. The main reason for this is that Dianabol is easy to use and is extremely effective. Dianabol with its mild androgenic properties is an oral steroid, which has great metabolism protein effect. Beginner users start with a Dianabol cycle. Experienced users usually stack Dianabol with other steroids in mass building cycles. Most commonly used steroids are Deca Durabolin and Testosterone Enanthate.

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