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An Insiders Review To One Of The Worlds Most Famous Anabolic Steroids


What is Dianabol, and what it can do?

Posted by Professor Alan Shrewbrick on October 3, 2021 at 9:00 PM

Dianabol for sale or D-bol, comprising methandrostenolone or methandienone, is among the most popular of oral anabolic steroid because of its reputation of hastening body cells to synthesize proteins. It engenders the development of cell tissues, particularly in the muscles. It also achieves positive nitrogen balance which impacts human health.


Increasing protein synthesis's will increase nitrogen retention and its supplementation can promote cellular hydration as well as muscle cell hypertrophy by increasing the amount of water retained inside muscle cells. These combined effects can reinforce skeletal muscles as well as cardiac muscles thus increasing their volume and contractile strength.


In bodybuilding circles, Dianabol has been reported to transform a skinny beginner into a muscular and strong competitor. Its effect is notable in as short an interval as four weeks after its administration. As such, several bodybuilders use it during their initial years of training and competition to help them meet desired goals quickly.


Dianabol is a product of the laboratory synthesis of testosterone, known as methandrostenolone or 17beta-hydroxy-17alpha-methylandrosta-1, 4-dien-3 -one in chemical formular. It shares many similarities with testosterone yet retains certain distinct features that are not present in the latter hormone. Among other things, Dianabol yields higher nitrogen retention than testosterone which results into larger muscle cells that have more contractile strength. This particular feature has made athletes who use it believe that it can increase their strength and performance during workouts.


To achieve the same effects, Dianabol has to be combined with a workout routine suited for building muscles especially among beginners who have just started bodybuilding . After all, if it is not introduced correctly, this anabolic steroid can produce negative effects such as increased water retention and increased estrogen levels. These factors will only contribute to muscle bloating thus defeating the purpose of its administration in the first place.


Dianabol is available from various sources from conventional pharmacies to specialized sports supplement shops both online and offline. Of course, making sure that you source your D-bol products from reputable manufacturers should be one of your concerns when dealing with items this potent or else you might end up wasting your money. In the internet, just key in "Dianabol for sale" or "buy Dianabol" on your web browser and you will have a list of suppliers from where you can source your D-bol products.


Buy Dianabol products from reputable brick and mortar suppliers so as to ensure authenticity. Ask them for necessary certification that the product is D-bol and not counterfeit. As a matter of fact, some websites provide reviews of their products which you can check out before buying anything from them. While these reviews are by no means 100% accurate since they depend on each individual's experience with a particular product or supplier, they still give a good indication on how happy other customers are with the services provided by those shops. To make sure that you get unmixed D-bol pills without any binders, lubricants or dyes, choose only those items made in the United States as well as those made by pharmaceutical companies known for manufacturing high quality supplements such as Biosynthetic Labs (Bios).


Dianabol has been used by weight lifters as a performance enhancer for several decades now. During those times, the main source of D-bol was from veterinary pharmacies which sold it as tablets intended for livestock. Nowadays, however, available sources include online suppliers and those brick and mortar stores that specialize in sports supplements . It is worth noting though that not all products sold under this trade name are actual Dianabol or methandienone pills. In fact, some manufacturers sell counterfeit items which only have the same appearance with genuine D-bol but actually lack any positive effect on users' health. To avoid being scammed out of your money, make sure to purchase only from well known suppliers with good reputation.


Dianabol is still used by many athletes and bodybuilders around the world because of its reputation as one of the most effective anabolic steroids on the market today. It artificially stimulates protein synthesis, putting your body in a positive nitrogen status which leads to increased muscle size, strength and speed of recuperation . This steroid also gives you that "pumped" look even without any significant buildup of lactic acid due to increased retention of water in connective tissue cells. The result is larger muscles with denser fibers, something you can exploit when competing against other people in athletic events such as football or basketball matches.

Dianabol for women

Powerful anabolic and comparatively less androgenic characteristics are exhibited in Dianabol. The steroid has the capacity to rapidly and effectively work on body tissue. This steroid is used in varied doses to build muscle, according to the demands and requirements of athletes, power lifters and bodybuilders. It can be ingested orally or taken in injectable form to quickly develop both strength and muscles. Persons in athletics who need to strengthen or develop muscle mass choose this steroid to assist in achieving such goals. However, this steroid has serious potential to negatively impact health, especially for them who use it in ways abusive, or not advisable. Dianabol, the second anabolic steroid developed after Testosterone, was first produced in the early 1900. In an attempt to produce stronger, tougher soldiers, it was tried by the Nazis in WW2, in experiments. Use of this steroid will certainly produce weight gain but it may also result in serious water retention in the body.

As a positive side effect, Dianabol enables the body to increase production of lactic acid through increased anaerobic glycolysis. This acid is also efficient in eliminating dietary carbohydrates that causes body fatness. Energy is produced through anaerobic metabolism, a byproduct of glycogen formation as a result of using Dianabol. Dianabol also contributes in reducing osteoporotic activity, postmenopausal women being most prone this condition.

Side Effects on Women

Dianabol reacts in the female body due to reasons of its inherent androgenicity and estrogenicity, and even a single dose of Dianabol can potentially destabilize blood concentration levels. To protect against such possible side effect, the total daily dosage needs to be split up throughout the day. When usage is prolonged, the drug can also adversely affect liver function due to its high toxicity to the liver, and furthermore, even a dose as small as 10 mg in a day could increase liver values hazardously. This however need not be a cause of concern for women who already use Dianabol, fortunately because elevated liver enzymes soon return to normal levels once the steroid is discontinued. Any such side effect could be further reduced if its use is combined with regulated training and supplemented with appropriate diet.

Side effects of Dianabol on men and women are quite different. Research suggests that significant virilization in women is one of the commonest complaints. It is also known to encourage breast reduction, irregularity in menstruation, enlargement of the clitoris and even masculation through sprouting of new and unwanted body hair. Because women’s bodies produce much lesser volumes of androgens than men, using Dianabol can trigger the development of typically male characteristics like growth of facial hair, excess growth of body hair, male pattern baldness, and even deepening of vocal tenor, from the androgen in the steroid.  Women, who may be anxious of becoming muscular like men, may still use this steroid to good effect through controlled dosing of around 2 to 4 tablets within a span extending less than 4 to 6 weeks.

Some women have also reported experiencing different side effects like a breakout of first time acne, or aggravated acne on those already having it. Another reaction is visible water retention occurring around the neck, and sometimes even on facial areas. Using a Dianabol cycle in slightly higher volumes than recommended can cause the development of extreme and permanent masculine characteristics in women. The other side effects of Dianabol, particularly liver damage, high blood pressure and insomnia are always present. Women using Dianabol may also have to deal with sudden weight gain, unstable moods, increased cholesterol, liver enzyme complaints, blood clotting conditions, and even tendon damage. Therefore, women who want avail of the benefits of using Dianabol need to be closely supervised by a doctor who would have to monitor liver function values and check for adverse reactions meticulously.

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