Dianabol - DBol - Methandrostenolone   

An Insiders Review To One Of The Worlds Most Famous Anabolic Steroids

Side Effects Of Dianabol

“With greater power comes greater responsibility”. It is a wise proverb that might play a crucial role in case of Dianabol for sale.. Dianabol's “greater power” lies in its capability to produce immediate and desirable results as a bulking agent within few days of its usage. But certain side effects relating to its androgenic and estrogenic properties should not be overlooked. Here is the “greater responsibility” part where the user plays an important part. One most common symptom caused by Dianabol is that it has tough androgenic elements. This might lead to acne formation on the face, male pattern hair loss, mood swings, and sleeplessness in both men and women. Acne can be prevented from erupting by the application of Accutane, whereas Minoxidil, a hair-growing stimulant, easily cures male patterned hair loss. 

Aggressive attitude and loss of temper have no cure hence it should be controlled through cautious dosage of the steroid Dianabol. Women will have the risk of increased virilization due to the use of Dianabol. It is a very common side effect in case of women users. They don’t possess androgen hormone like their male counterparts but with the introduction of Dianabol they will experience a peak in their androgen hormone which will lead to hoarsening of the voice and increase in hair in various parts of the body like men. Reproduction ability can get greatly affected due to irregular menstruation and clitoral hypertrophy. Hence the use of Dianabol is a strict no for women because virilization is a permanent effect, which will remain even if the woman has discontinued the use of Dianabol. Dianabol checks the normal testosterone development by producing harmful feedback on HPTA. The harsh effects of lowered testosterone will lead to impotency and shutdown of endogenous testosterone manufacture in men.

Another important side effect of Dianabol is that it interacts with aromatase enzyme and changes it into female estrogenic hormone. Estrogen increases water retention in the body as well as helps in gaining fat. Fluid retention in the muscles will make them look smooth and flabby, which is not desirable. Palpitations and hypertension are cardiac overload problems, which occur due to Dianabol. High dose steroids will lead to atherosclerosis and fattiness in a person, which are normally Dianabol symptoms. All this can be maintained with a checked diet, but that too is very hard to maintain because Dianabol increases the appetite of the user. Once the liver metabolizes Dianabol, it affects the liver badly. As it is a 17-alpha alkylated compound, it can cause strain upon the liver and can damage it significantly. Taking a Dianabol cycle in increased dose or for prolonged period can hurt the liver. In order to save themselves from this adverse impact, users limit the use of Dianabol to 4 weeks. This time period is enough to have impressive results.

Users can relieve themselves in many ways from the multifarious side effects of Dianabol. Only they have to know how to redress it. Gynecomastia, a permanent side effect apparently can be checked with the usage of Arimidex or other aromatase inhibitor when the male user first see sign of breast formation. Users should be acquainted with the different bad effects of Dianabol from before so that he can take adequate preventive measure properly in due time.